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A place that cares for you

Our Mission

A Serenity AFH aims to provide adults suitable care that they deserve. We aim to help them recover faster and regain their strength and independence in a home-like environment that guarantees safety and comfort.

Our Vision

Here in A Serenity AFH, we envision a family that continues to support their household members, especially adults and seniors. We help in fulfilling this dream by taking care of your loved ones while you continue to take hold of your responsibilities in both work and family.

caregiver hugging senior woman on a wheelchair

Who We Are

A Serenity AFH is running since 2005 having one of the highest reputations in the area, being very well-known not just for our affordable pricing and lovely amenities, but also for the higher level of care we provide to our residents. Our seniors can rest easy knowing there is always a doctor on call, as well as a nurse and a podiatrist, who regularly visit to help take care of any on-going needs they may have. Besides, we are located close to five of the best medical care facilities in Auburn, ensuring quick response times should a medical emergency take place and require transport. And, in times of greater need, such as a gravely ill or terminal patient, A Serenity AFH also makes hospice and respite care available to better help patients and family members in coping with circumstances that can often be physically and emotionally painful.

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