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Improving your overall health and well-being

Our Personal Care Services mean both physical assistance and/or promoting and supervising the performance of direct personal care tasks as determined by the resident’s needs and does not include assistance with tasks performed by a licensed health professional. However, we also try to encourage and support our residents to do as much as they can by themselves.


Our staff sit and provide full assistance to the resident if needed, engaging in social and conversational activities during meals. We can accommodate special diets, pureeing foods, assisted feeding, and GI tube feeding by Nurse Delegation.


We provide standby assists, incontinence briefs, room commodes, clean-up, and perineal care every time it is needed.


We know how important mobility is for a person, so we provide assisted physical exercises to encourage the continued strength and endurance of the muscles. We walk with the residents, indoor and outdoors if the weather allows.


We are using “Sit-to-Stand” and “Hoyerlift” devices but also a two-person assist for the transfer in safe conditions of our residents.


Our bed-bound residents are repositioned every 2 or 3 hours but we know that a proper position helps with the comfort of a resident and also promotes a healthy blood circulation for everybody.

Personal Hygiene

We are providing full assistance with personal hygiene if needed (oral care, shaving, skincare, perineal care, hair care, nails, and toenails care).


We encourage and support the personal choice of clothing of our residents.


If needed, we provide full assistance with shower once a week or anytime if one needed.

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